Harma Everts, soprano
Stephanie Brandt & María Martínez Ayerza, recorders

“Rarely have I attended a concert, with so few performing resources, just two recorders and one voice,
where the volume scarcely rose above mezzo piano, where not a word was spoken,
and yet have been so enthralled and engaged by the entire programme and performance.”
Glyn Evans, The Recorder and Music Magazine, November 2006

Soprano Harma Everts and recorder players Stephanie Brandt and María Martínez Ayerza founded ÆroDynamic in
June 2004. The name of the group refers to the moving air that produces and transmits the sound of the voice and the
recorders. The three musicians originally came together for a one-time cooperation, but right from the start they felt that
the ensemble had the potential to engage, move and surprise audiences. The flexibility and expressiveness of the voice
finds a perfect complement in the varied colors provided by the many members of the recorder family.

Right from the start, the trio worked together with international composers to generate new repertoire for their setting,
commissioning new music with the financial support of the Finnish Council of Arts and the Dutch Performing Arts
Fund (‘Fonds Podiumkunsten’). Simultaneously, they started integrating visual and theatrical elements in their
performances, among them dance, video projections and a clever use of space and movement.

In the concert programmes of ÆroDynamic new compositions are often juxtaposed with medieval and early
Renaissance music. Innovative early repertoires such as the 14th-century ars subtilior remain compelling to
contemporary ears and contrast with the balanced but highly expressive lines of early Renaissance songs and motets.

ÆroDynamic was finalist at the Dutch National Chamber Music Competition in Almere (May 2005) and was awarded
the Second Prize of the Trio category at the 10th International Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Cracow
(Poland) in September 2005. The ensemble has performed at prestigious festivals and venues in the Netherlands, the
UK and Spain, amongst them the ‘1st European Recorder Performance Festival’ (Amsterdam 2005), the ‘Greenwich
International Early Music Festival’ (2006), the concert series ‘Bergkerk Concerten’ (Deventer 2007) and the cycle
‘Entorno Tomás Luis de Victoria’ (Cuenca, 2011).

In addition to their regular performing activities, ÆroDynamic enjoys giving educational concerts for primary school
children, and have participated in projects with children aged 8-12 in Amsterdam and Almere, The Netherlands.

The first CD of ÆroDynamic, The Garden with Countless Windows has been released by the Spanish label Lindoro in
November 2012.

“A delightful concert, full of surprises and exquisite colors. A feast for the ear and the eye!”
Manuel Millán, El Día de Cuenca, November 2011