These are some of the currently available concert programmes. ÆroDynamic continues adding new repertoire and developing interesting programmes. If you’d like to receive a custom programme proposal (for example, with a specific duration, genre, theme, or repertoire),  please contact us.

Mixed programmes: musica antiqua and contemporary classical

The garden with countless windows
Poetic and musical reflections on the subject “change”
Contemporary compositions by Aspasia Nasopoulou, Antti Auvinen, Katarzyna Arnhold and others
Musica antiqua by Johannes Ciconia, John Dunstaple, Leonel Power and others

Escape routes
Contemporary and medieval fantasies
Contemporary compositions by Gabriele Manca, Elizabeth Gaskill and Paul Leenhouts
Musica antiqua by Juan de Urrede, Solage, Matteo da Perugia and others

Musica antiqua programmes

Ley y juegos de amor
Pain and joy of love from the dawn of the Renaissance
Music by Johannes Ciconia, Guillaume Dufay, Ginés de Morata, Gilles Binchois and others

Lux laetitiae, sucurre tuis
Praises and prayers for the virgin Mary
Music from Llivre Vermell, Guillaume Dufay, Francisco Guerrero, Orlando di Lasso and others

Contemporary classical programmes

Changing light
From cry to silence
Music by Antti Auvinen, Elizabeth Gaskill, Katarzyna Arnhold, Paul Leenhouts, Emanuele Pappalardo, Mario Garuti and others