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Nederlands Duits Spaans

The ensemble AeroDynamic was founded in 2004 as a contemporary chamber music ensemble. Since 2006 the trio also plays medieval music. The combination of these two styles is very interesting, because medieval music also sounds unfamiliar, yet interesting to most people. The medieval ballads and rondeaus also form rest points in the program.

Three different programs are available: entirely contemporary, entirely medieval and a mix aof the two. Together with the organisation of a concert we decide which program suits their wishes best. The presentation of the contemporary pieces is particularly interesting. The character of the medieval music is more meditative.

At this moment the repertoire of ensemble AeroDynamic consists of music by (a.o.):

Contemporary: Elizabeth Westerhof-Gaskill, Katarzyna Arnhold, Antti Auvinen, Aspasia Nasopoulou, Maria Karaferi, Gabriele Manca, Emanuele Pappalardo and Alan Segall.
Most of these pieces have especially been written for AeroDynamic.

Medieval: Solage, Dunstaple, Binchois and Dufay.